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The Freedom Leash 2 is the new and improved edition of the popular Freedom Leash, and is now lighter and smaller than the original! A unique one-hand operated, dual, retractable leash that enables owners to walk two dogs on one retractable leash. No more worrying about the cords tangling or maneuvering two leashes at once, this dual dog leash is tangle free. No more "leash dance"!

With an inside compartment that spins to prevent the cords from crossing over or tangling Freedom Leash 2 offers a new and ground-breaking way of walking multiple dogs. It gives you the freedom you desire while keeping your pets safely controlled.

  • Dual Leash for Two Dogs
  • Leash Spins to Prevent Tangles
  • One-Hand Operation - Quick Stop/Brake and Locking Mechanism
  • 10 Feet per Cord
  • Can Hold up to a total weight of 100 lbs for two dogs

Please contact us at or 813-885-2300 with any questions.

Freedom Leash 2 by PAWS Aboard